Carin Fahr Shulusky was born and raised in west St. Louis County with her siblings, Mary, Linda and Larry. For nearly 10 years she was a middle child. Her parents owned a small greenhouse business providing cut flowers to local florists. She was always interested in writing. She won a poetry competition in 8th grade and was editor of her high school (Lafayette High) newspaper. Carin attended the University of Missouri, Columbia, where she received a B.J (Bachelor of Journalism ‘73). After college she worked in advertising for GE Plastics where she was the first professional woman in that division and them for Monsanto’s Agricultural Division where she was the first professional woman in their corporate headquarters. 

After 25 years in Marketing, she created her own firm, Marketing Alliance. She was president of Marketing Alliance, from 2002 – 2014. She is a past-president of the Business Marketing Association of St. Louis and has received their Lifetime Achievement Award. She was a member of the National Association of Press Women. Carin serves on the board of the Special Education. She is a volunteer for Springboard to Learning as a coach with their WiseWrite program. 

Carin Fahr married Richard Shulusky in 1975. They have two children; Christine and Andrew (Andy). They are proud grandparents to the marvelous and fun-loving Sophie. Grandma Carin has a life long love of cooking, even writing her own cookbook. 

Carin is a voracious reader. She loves Jane Austin, Harry Potter and Elizabeth Peters among many, many others. In addition to the cookbook, she’s written poetry and children’s stories, as yet unpublished. Carin retired in 2014 to devote full time to writing. Her first book, In the Middle was inspired by her own battle to care for her beloved mother, Dorothy Hoehne Fahr. Many of the stories Carrie Young’s mother tells her in In the Middle came from Carin’s mother, Dorothy Fahr. 

Carin is a lifelong member of, Pathfinder Church in Ellisville, Missouri. She has long been involved in her church, including 40 years of teaching Sunday school and VBS. She served on short term missions to Belize ten time. Carin also tutored at a magnet school in the College Hill neighborhood of North St. Louis for five years.

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