Carin Shulusky

Author, Business Woman, Grandma

Order Today: Finding Light in a Lost Year!

Do you remember where you were when you first heard news of the pandemic?

Finding Light in a Lost Year will take you there. Readers can watch it unfold through the eyes of Roni Wright, a successful travel agent with a successful architect husband and two lively young children. The story is told, month-by-month, and details the real statistics of the pandemic against the affect on the fictional Wright family. As the reality of the pandemic unfurls, Roni’s life also unravels. Jobs, school, and social life are put on hold as the worst pandemic in 100 years takes over. Roni and her family are shaken to the core with trials and tragedies but in the midst of it all, they find light. You will cheer as they work their way out of darkness into a better place. Click here to learn more!

Praise for In the Middle

“While this book is a work of fiction, it clearly could be a memoir as it takes a very realistic look at a woman’s attempt to balance her life as a wife and mother along with being a daughter.  For anyone who has ever tried to balance all three roles, you certainly will see your own reflection. The book pulls at your heart as you know there is only one way for this problem to be resolved.  A good read for the sandwich generation.” 

Patty Hannum, Town & Style, St. Louis, June 23, 2021