In the Middle

While this book is a work of fiction, it clearly could be a memoir as it takes a very realistic look at a woman’s attempt to balance her life as a wife and mother along with being a daughter.  For anyone who has ever tried to balance all three roles, you certainly will see your own reflection. The book pulls at your heart as you know there is only one way for this problem to be resolved.  A good read for the sandwich generation.”

~ Patty Hannum, Town & Style, St. Louis, June 23, 2021

Carrie Young had it all. She was a successful account executive for a small advertising agency and still managed to be a loving wife and dutiful mother until her mother fell suddenly ill. As the middle child, Carrie was never that close to her mother, but now she was needed to help with the overwhelming task of taking care of her seriously ill mother. The demands of hospitalization, doctors’ appointments and daily care throw her once prefect life in near chaos. Disagreements with her siblings, her boss and her mother make her resentful of this new responsibility. The one bright spot is the chance to know her mother’s stories of the depression and post war struggle as she never had before. Even as her once perfect life falls apart, she finds a purpose in it all.

You can now buy In the Middle at local St. Louis bookstore, The Novel Neighbor, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.

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