Finding Light in a Lost Year

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Do you remember where you were when you first heard news of the pandemic?

Finding Light in a Lost Year will take you there. Readers can watch it unfold through the eyes of Roni Wright, a successful travel agent with a successful architect husband and two lively young children. The story is told, month-by-month, and details the real statistics of the pandemic against the affect on the fictional Wright family. As the reality of the pandemic unfurls, Roni’s life also unravels. Jobs, school, and social life are put on hold as the worst pandemic in 100 years takes over. Roni and her family are shaken to the core with trials and tragedies but in the midst of it all, they find light. You will cheer as they work their way out of darkness into a better place.

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Endorsements for Finding Light in a Lost Year:

“One of the few good things to come out of these tough times during the great pandemic of 2020-2022 is a writer willing to be honest about her own experiences and put it on the page in an act of great bravery. Ms. Shulusky has definitely succeeded in her honest and illuminating novel.

~Jonathan Miller Multi-Award-Winning Mystery Writer Criminal Defense Lawyer

As we all learn how to adjust our lives during this long, weary pandemic, Carin Fahr Shulusky’s newest book, Finding Light in A Lost Year, gives readers a sense of encouragement while paying homage to perceived setbacks and big accomplishments that many readers may recognize. This unforgiving pandemic has uprooted all of our lives. As the main character, Roni, narrates the transitions her family endured, readers will learn how Carin’s story mirrors so many of our own experiences, challenges, and personal discoveries. Finding Light in A Lost Year gives readers a chance to see the difficulties many of us have gone through and to embrace the surprising gifts as well!

~Jill Kraft Thompson Award-Winning Author of Finding Jill: How I Rebuilt My Life After Losing the Five People I Loved Most

Finding Light in A Lost Year takes us on one woman’s journey through loss, heartbreak, grief and a discovery of what really matters. A page-turning great read.

~Rebecca Now Founder, Voices of American Herstory

A truly inspiring story about finding oneself in the face of adversity. I loved that it outlined life both before and during the pandemic, and demonstrated the importance of leaning on family and God for support and encouragement—even in the face of unspeakable tragedy.

~Kristen Schreiber, MMS, PA-C

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