Why I’m excited to share my first book with you

Much like the main character, Carrie Young, in my book, I was suddenly thrust into the role of caregiver for my mother who was 82. It was exhausting and all consuming. It affected every other part of my life. My personal journey to help care for my mother took over five years, but left me with a sense that many people like me were facing this same struggle all over the world caring for parents, spouses, children or other family members. Also, like Carrie I used the time with my mother to find out more about her stories. After my mother passed away these thoughts dominated my thinking. I’ve been a writer all my life. Even when I was in middle school, I won a writing award. I’ve written poetry and short stories, but never took the time for a novel. I woke up one day and decided God was telling me to write this book. I sat at my computer and out it came. Chapter after chapter. Much of it drawn from my life experiences, with fiction tying it all together. I always new the end would be when Carrie’s mother passed away, but it took nearly five years and a global pandemic for the whole end story to come to me. When it did, it came all at once. The epilogue was also inspired by my life. After my mother passed, I spent 10 years caring for her brother, my Uncle Ted. I never knew exactly how this “job” landed with me, but I suspect I was God’s choice to care for Uncle Ted and who can say no to God? With his passing, the story finally had it’s ending. And I know had a granddaughter and many new chapters to my life. 

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